Popstar Parties

Our legendary Popstar Recording Parties are EPIC!! Loads of fun for everybody and suitable for almost any age 5+

The Popstars record three songs in our professional recording studio, where many a rock and pop star has recorded!!!

Each party lasts for 2 hours. The first 45 minutes to an hour sees the pop stars in the recording room recording their tracks.
Then it’s a good time for some refreshments for 10-15 minutes.
Then the pop stars dance their hearts out at the disco including party games (if required) and dance along songs until the end.

While the Pop stars have been dancing our producer has been mixing their tracks in the control room.

At the end of the party each singing guest will be presented with a personalised Vinyl CD of their recordings.

We can also provide catering for the party. Catering for the party food is £7 per head from our off premises caterers.

BUT…you are more than welcome to bring your own food and drinks instead. Most parents do prefer to order takeaway food such as pizzas or McDonalds. There are seats and tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks available for any accompanying parents that wish to attend.
We can tailor any party to your needs.
Pop Star, Rock Star, Dance party, DJ Party, etc
Our prices are…
for up to TEN singers £250
HOWEVER we are currently running a promotional of 35% OFF ALL Popstar Parties So that would make it £162 for ten singers.
You can also add additional singers,  Each additional singer is £12 PER HEAD up to a maximum of 20 singers in total.
Simply add the coupon code went promoted in checkout POPSTAR35


We also do standard room hire parties too without the recording aspect which is £150 for two hours and includes use of the disco lights and pa…we also provide the latest music for the party/disco.


or alternatively TO BOOK PLEASE CALL 
01302 836686

or Email: info@supanovastudios.com