Recording Studio

We are known for working closely with the artist to get the sounds YOU want in the studio. We LOVE doing this so we’re really committed to delivering the best results. From quick “plug-in-and-play” demos to meticulously-crafted albums, anything is possible for anybody. Recording Studio packages are tailored to your needs at highly competitive rates whether it be solo singer to backing track, full band produced album or corporate advertising.

Prices start from as little as £60.

If you’re a vocal artist, musician, producer or songwriter you’ll find Supanova Studios, the Doncaster based recording studios, Professional, friendly, and prepared for solo artists, bands and all kinds of musicians ready to make their own music. Our expert engineers will make you feel at home and their experienced ears will help you to get the best performance, mix and production possible from your songs.

We also specialize in ‘Live Recording’ for those bands who prefer the process of a simple straight forward capture of their on stage sound.

Singer Recording Packages
Band Recording Packages

Band Full Album Packages